Join SYNCS Loyalty Program
Be Part of SYNCS Family

By joining our loyalty Program, you become part of the SYNCS family. You can avail extended warranty, add up loyalty points by purchases, sharing our content on Social Mediums & much more.

If you buy the product directly from our website or on Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace, all you need to do is to register your purchase and signup as a VIP Member. You will get the following benefits:

  1. 1+1 year Warranty: You get one extra year of warranty
  2. 100 Loyalty Points for Registration
  3. If you share posts on social media ie Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter or Pinterest, just share the links you will get more loyalty points

Redeeming Loyalty Points

  1. Its simple redemption, you can choose from the great products you want to redeem using your accumulated points. If points are less, then do some more social sharing and reach your points goal.
  2. Once you redeem your points, we will ship the product over to you.
  3. The balance points will be in your profile for the next purchase
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