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Got a question of SYNCS Smart products? Explore our FAQ’s section below or get in touch with our support team now!

  • How can I use Alarm feature on SYNCS Smart Speaker?

    You can set an alarm on your digital clock by choosing from 4 different alarm modes and wake up you in a happy mood with inbuilt natural bird chirping sound OR choose any FM radio tune or use your own song collection as an alarm by downloading on a micro SD card.

  • Can I use SYNCS Smart Scales on any surface?

    SYNCS Metron Ultra is designed to work on any surface so you can peace of mind of using it even on a carpet. SYNCS Metron Alpha can only be used on hard surface.

  • How can I see my Vital Body Composition Analysis?

    It’s very Simple, all you need is to connect your SYNCS Smart Scale with SYNCS app, make your profile and start receiving readings as soon as you stand on the scale bare feet. SYNCS App will show 15 Vital Body Composition Analysis for your profile in a few seconds. This will be recorded in the app under your profile and can be seen in the historical trend in terms of days, weeks, months or even year.

  • How does this SYNCS Smart Scale work?

    SYNCS MEtron Ultra can be charged with any USB Cable and one full Charging can last up to one year while SYNCS Metron Alpha requires 4 x 1.5v AAA batteries.

  • How long will the warranty last?

    For non-members, the warranty is One Year and another One Year months if you register your purchase and become VIP members. Register for SYNCS VIP Membership here.

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