How I Dropped 10% Body Fat In 3 Months (and more importantly, everything i learned)

Hi Guys!! I hope today’s video helps you out! If you’ve been watching my channel, you know that 3 months ago I enlisted the help of a nutritionist to help me get my health on track. During these 3 months, I dropped 10% body fat, but even more importantly I learned so much about my health and fat loss in general. I wanted to make today’s video to help share what I’ve learned for those who are interested, and also for those who can’t afford to see a nutritionist themselves! Please remember this was all just a plan tailored specifically for me, so I’m not guaranteeing it will do anything for anyone else. But I do hope that you will be able to take away something that I learned and hopefully apply it to your own journey! love you sooo much!

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