Why Sleep Is the No 1 Most Important Thing for a Better Body

Imagine two women you know: One is your model of fitness success (who clearly knows how to slim down correctly and has the body to show for it), and the other is what you fear.

The Importance of Your “Metabolic Age”

A lot of people worry about how old they appear on the outside. They want people to think they look younger than they are. But what about how old you are on the inside? We’re not talking about being young at heart,

Body Mass Index (BMI) In Adults

The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight go far beyond improved energy and smaller clothing sizes. By losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, you are also likely to enjoy these quality-of-life factors too.

Diabetes And The Body | Diabetes UK

There are two main types of diabetes, known as Type 1 and Type 2. Both types of diabetes are lifelong health conditions. There are 4.05 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 549,000 people who have the condition but don’t know it.

BMI – Body Mass Index

From a straight forward calculation the BMI factor can be gained and gives a measure which can be used to determine if a person is underweight, of normal weight, overweight or obese. However, there is an argument against BMI.

I Stopped Using My Phone as an Alarm Clock: Here’s What Happened.

Using your phone as an alarm clock is like your morning caffeine addiction— it’s a no-brainier because it’s convenient and everybody does it. But I’ve come to find it has some major minuses,

10 TIPS TO LOSE FAT FASTER | Become a Fat Burning Machine

This video is all about how to lose body fat faster by combining a healthy diet with the best fat burning exercise to turn your body into a fat burning machine that will burn fat smarter and faster!

Why You Should Be Tracking Your Heart Rate

It was the hardest stretch of the race, 1,000 feet of what seemed like nearly vertical incline between me and the finish line. As I approached the summit, my heart felt like it was about to burst through my chest.

Why You Should Care About BMI and Body Fat

When it comes to checking your weight, the numbers on the scale are typically the ones people are most concerned about. But health experts say a person’s BMI and body fat percentage are also important to know.

How I Dropped 10% Body Fat In 3 Months (and more importantly, everything i learned)

Hi Guys!! I hope today’s video helps you out! If you’ve been watching my channel, you know that 3 months ago I enlisted the help of a nutritionist to help me get my health on track. During these 3 months,

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